Krama Desa Ubud Kaja Concept

Krama Ubud Kaja is a traditional community located in Ubud Bali, we are different from other studios, both individual and cooperative. We are a traditional institution that founded the Kecak Dance.
We were founded in 1994, 28 years we have been active in the art of kecak. The profit we got from ticket sales was first used to build our sacred place (Pura Dalem Ubud) then made the stage that we have today, the second part of the proceeds was for village manners who were involved in the Kecak performance.
We have not been able to perform for more than two years because of the impact of covid 19, tourism in Bali is completely closed. Now we are starting to perform again because covid 19 has subsided and the government has also allowed crowd activities. Please support our Kecak Dance Thank you

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